What do book stores do with all of their books when they close?



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    When a bookstore closes, it will increase discounts on prices as the official closing date approaches. Consumers can purchase books until this time. After closing, the remaining books will be sold to a liquidator who will pay a flat rate for books by the hundreds and thousands. Liquidators operate out of warehouses and often resell books to other bookstores or put them up for sale individually online for sale to the general public.

    This is also the case for larger bookstore chains, but it is likely that a portion of their unsold titles will be restocked in their warehouses or redirected to other branches.

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    Yes, none of the books go to waste.  They will go on sale, and when time is up, they will either get donated elsewhere, or be bought en masse by a larger chain.

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    Usually they’re sold at extremely discounted price.  After that, they are usually donated to libraries or other stores.  Rest assured, they are not simply thrown away.

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    I was just working at a bookstore going out of business! When a bookstore files for bankruptcy, liquidating companies bid to take over the closing of the store(s).  In the case of my bookstore, within days of filing for bankruptcy the liquidators came in and began the process of marking down the titles.  As time passed, the discounts were raised until, eventually, the remaining product was sold, shipped to other stores that are staying open, or to other stores that may be beginning the closing process.

    It is safe to say that the books will all end up finding a home.  

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    Vast numbers of books are pulped, or just left to waste. Bookstores return far more numbers of books to publishers than they have on hand when they close; occasionally some of those books may make it to some kind of sale but most (hundreds of thousands) are trashed. See the video in the link below. There are many such places.

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    Borders is dealing with this problem right now.

    With the 30% of Borders stores liquidating and closing up, they are offering huge discounts on lots of their books. I don’t know what they plan on doing with books they don’t sell, but books with no discounts and books that still might sell will be moved to their other stores. Also, heavily discounted books at locations that are not closing will be moved to the closing stores.

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