What do beef farms do with the poop from the cows?



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    Dairy farms, and I imagine beef farms are very similar, make a big plastic or clay lined lagoon where manure is was washed into and allowed to evaporate and/or it is collected and used as fertilizer for their feed grains. In New Mexico recently they began having problems with nitrogen from this manure getting into the ground water. For more info on this issue check out the link below.

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    The majority of cattle ranchers raise cattle on large ranches where they are free range and grass fed. Therefore, the manure is not much of a problem. When ranchers move the cattle into smaller spaces, the manure then will be cleaned up with a tractor and moved into a pile, later to be spread over the field for fertilization. Smaller ranches and feed lots also have a method of manure removal. A spot will be designated only for manure. It can be heated and sterilized and later sold as fertilizer in stores for gardens. More modern feed lots have a sewer like system where the waste is diposed of in a manner similar to our own waste disposal.

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