What do bats eat?



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    Bats eat very differently depending on thier species. While about 70% eat insects, others eat fruits, nectar, and even small animals. Ans yes, there are vampire bats as well. They prick the skin of an animal while an anticoagulant in their saliva helps them lap up the blood much like a dog drinks water. Soem bats use echolocation to hunt while others use there sense of sight ans smell.

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    Although various bat species eat different kinds of food, the most commonly consumed is a variety of insects such as such as moths, beetles, gnats, and crickets. Those species that eat pollen and nectar are found mainly in the tropics and semitropics. Pollen, like insects, is highly nutritious. They may also sometimes eat fruit and insects. A few species of bats are carnivorous, eating small frogs, lizards, and birds. Other species are known for eating fish and are usually specialized by having huge hind feet and claws.

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    There are many different species of bat, with many different diets as well. Some of the bigger bats are frugivorous, meaning they eat only fruit. Others are carnivores, most often the smaller species, and find insects by catching them in the air or find them on trees. Some carnivores however, do eat fish, frogs, or even other bats as part of their diet. Other bats still are omnivores, and enjoy fruit, insects, and vertebrates for their meals. The most famous bat diet, however, is probably that of the vampire bat. These bats survive on the blood of large mammals, often livestock, but are so small that they do not take enough to ever kill their prey.

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