what do baby birds eat



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    Their parents generally chew up and regurgitate the food they would eat as an adult.  Some birds like robbins will eat worms, others will eat insects, but until they can digest and obtain their food themselves, they will have it already chewed by their parents.

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    If you are asking this because you found a baby bird and are trying to take care of it, then dog food is your best bet. But baby birds require food a lot, about every hour they should be fed. It’s best to take orphaned wildlife to a wildlife rehab center.

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      I would not advice anyone to feed a baby bird dog food. A bird’s diet is so diverse, especially for the fact that each specie of birds has a different diet. But most importantly, the food that we, as humans, would think of feeding them is not at all what they should be fed. Also, baby birds usually need to be fed every 15-20 minutes from sunrise to sunset every single day. This is a task that humans aren’t able to provide to the baby birds, which means that we shouldn’t try to take care of a baby bird in any circumstance.

      < http://www.wild-bird-watching.com/Baby_Birds.html>

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      I worked at the AARK Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center, and dog food is what we used for the baby birds that came in. Dog food was used because it contains many nutrients that baby bird needs. As the bird got over, we also included mashed up berries with the dog food. The baby birds were fed every hour on the hour. Most of them did very well. Of course it’s better for them to be in the wild, but if they are truly abandoned the wildlife rehab centers like the one I worked at see great success in raising and releasing them.

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    Baby birds usually eat worms and other small insects and bugs, but it definitely depends on what species of bird and other factors. Often, since the baby birds find it hard to break up and chew their food, their mothers will chew it first and regurgitate the food so that its babies can eat it easily. 

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