What do baby birds eat and how often?

I found a baby bird near a lake, I left it there for 4 hours and came back and it was still there. I took it home and I have been feeding it natural apple sauce and chewed up nuts, is that OK?



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    Baby birds need regurgitated food. It is not the same to pre chew it for them. Some amount of digestion occurs in the mother bird’s body partially breaking the food down and making it possible for the baby to digest.

    It is very tempting to take a baby bird home that appears to be abbandoned, but this is not recommended. Likely, the mother bird knows where it is, but is not able to get it back to the nest. The best thing to do is to take a kleenex box and wedge it into a tree where you found it. Place the baby bird inside and the mother will likely return and resume feeding.

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