what do animals need to survive




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    You’ve basically answered your question there! Water, air, and food are essential for the vast majority of animals on this planet (once you get into microbes, things get a little weird). They also, of course, need a habitat, some kind of shelter, to protect them when their environment is harsh.

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    Animals are very diverse and specific species require various things to live. However, in general, you have listed the most important things for animals to survive. They need nutrients and vitamins, which they get from their food, they need water, and they need shelter. To continue as a species, they will need to find a mate and reproduce successfully and that will be possible because they have proper nutrients.

    Some animals may require other things, like sunshine (for reptiles that are cold-blooded) so they can warm up their bodies and digest their food. Other animals may need specific air, humidity, or temperatures to live (tropical animals do not thrive in the snowy places).

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