What do american crocodiles eat



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    American crocodiles make their homes along coastal areas in Northern, Central and South America, and are no considered an endangered species. They are different from the American alligator in that they have longer thinner mouths and a lighter color to their outer scales. Generally, a crocodile’s diet consists of small mammals, birds, fish, snails, frogs, insects, and any other smaller creature that dwells near the water. Crocodiles can attack humans, but will generally stay away from people out of fear. 

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    Wild American crocodiles populate the mangrove swamps of southern Florida.  American crocodiles live up to 50 years and can grow as large as six feet long. American crocodile has a long strong tail with a stocky body and short legs with sharp claws. These crocodiles also have fourteen to fifteen teeth. These crocodiles are grey and during mating seasons males splash their powerful tails in the water to impress the females.

    Movies depict these creatures as man-eating montrous reptiles. The fact of it is that these reptiles mainly survive on a diet of fish. American crocodiles also has a diet of turtles, crabs, lobsters, birds, any other creatures they are able to get a hold of. In reality, these crocodiles do not attack humans unless they are provoked.

    American crocodiles live in waters that consist of salt water and fresh water. Crocodiles are affected by global warming. The temperature affects incubation and therefore the  sex of the baby crocodiles. Constant warm temperatuve would change the sex ratio of the creatures and as a result threaten their very survival.

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