What do alligators like to eat?



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    Basically, an alligator likes to eat whatever it can get! They have enormous jaws, and can launch themselves a full five feet out of the water to get at animals and birds on low branches. The jaws of an alligator are incredibly powerful, capable of exerting over 2,000psi of pressure. Fish, turtles, birds, and small mammals make up most of the alligator’s diet. Sometimes, they’ll go for the big meal and occasionally take down a deer! By lurking quietly in the water, alligators can remain undetected by their prey until it is too late for them to get away!

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    Alligators feed on fish that they catch in the lakes and rivers where they live. Alligators will feed also on other prey, including birds and snakes. Alligators typically do not attack human beings and will take other prey items before feeding on humans.

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    Alligators are not picky eaters…they will take almost anything they can get. Rather than actively seek out or scavenge for dinner they simply wait for something edible to come by, and then lunge at it quickly. An alligator can even jump out of the water for it’s prey, but will always bring it back in the water in order to drown it. Some common sources of food for them are birds, frogs, fish, turtles, and small and large mammals. Their powerful jaws can crush bones and shells, and their stomach can digest ANYTHING, even the crushed bones!

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