What do African nations to keep their wildlife safe?



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    There are a wide variety of policies and programs in Africa designed to protect and conserve wildlife, some run by governments and many by international nonprofit organizations. Kenya and Uganda, for example, have declared certain areas to be national parks and the animals in them protected, such as gorillas in the Lake Victoria region. Nonprofits and private foundations also do a tremendous amount to try to save African wildlife, such as the African Wildlife Foundation which administers grants to African ecologists to encourage conservation efforts. Nonetheless, activists in this field are constantly urging African governments, the U.N. and the international community to do more to save the unique wildlife of the African continent, and conservation efforts are often more difficult in these countries due to the impacts of poverty, war and even climate change. Poaching, both legal and illegal, is a constant problem in these countries because often poaching wildlife-related materials (rhinoceros horn, ivory, etc.) is the only economically viable option for the impoverished people who live there.

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