What diseases or illnesses are caused by air pollution?



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    Some long term effects of air pollution are: lung cancer, heart disease, and chronic respiratory diseases. These can shorten humans’ life significantly. 

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    Answered five days ago, see below; more answers if you search GreenAnswers for ‘diseases air pollution’.

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    When most people hear about air pollution they think of smog in cities like LA or Mexico City.  There is considerable data showing that indoor air pollution is a greater threat to most of us.  In our homes we can be bombarded by mold, bacteria, Chinese drywall, and volatile organic compounds.  Some symptoms you may experience are the following:


    2.  Sneezing 

    3.  Shortness of breath

    4.  Ear, Nose, or Throat irritation

    If there is any doubt about the indoor air quality of your home I would highly recommend having an environmental evaluation completed by trained scientific personnel.

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