What diseases end up killing trees?



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    The type of disease varies with the type of tree. For coniferous trees, the top 5 diseases are:

    • Armillaria Root Disease
    • Diplodia Blight of Pines
    • White Pine Blister Rust
    • Annosus Root Rot
    • Fusiform Rust of Southern Pines

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    For deciduous trees (the ones that lose their leaves) common parasitic disease include powdery mildew, sooty mold, verticillium wilt, canker, leaf spots and heart rot.  To find out more about these diseases and others that affect deciduous trees take a look at the link below.

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    There are many diseases that can afflict trees, and not all are just caused by typical plant sickness. Some can come from fungus, mildews, or molds, while other can develop from insects that burrow into trees. Pre-mature tree and root rot is also fairly deadly, as it can cause the tree to become brittle under its own weight and snap in half. The types of diseases contracted by trees will also differ from species to species. Below is a list of common diseases among trees that include tree rots, fungus, and bacterial infections for trees.

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