What disease is killing the most people?



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    Heart disease has been the top killer over the last few years but by 2010, cancer could overtake heart disease. The reason for that is because tobacco use has been drastically increasing in developing countries leading to more lung cancer and other types of cancer. China and India now account for 40% of the world’s smokers. Cancer diagnoses are around 12 million a year, while deaths are around 7 million. This number will continue to increase at a rate of around 1 percent per year so cancer will almost certainly overtake heart disease as the top killer.

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    Malaria also kills millions of people each year. Especially in Africa and in countries around the world with warm wet climates.

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    Around the world, malaria is one of the most deadly diseases ever. Estimates by the World Health Organization say that malaria kills 2.7 million people a year. They say that daily it kills 2,700 kids alone. To put this in perspective, since 1981 there have been an estimated 25 million deaths total as the result of AIDS.

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