What is the dirtiest college campus?



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    The Sustainable Endowments Institute just released its green report cards on universities that practice green policies and the following schools barely passed (D-): University of Akron, Brigham Young University, College of the Ozarks, Duquesne University, Howard University, Ohio Northern University, Quinnipiac University, Seton Hall University, University of South Alabama, Southern New Hampshire University, Virginia Military Institute, Wabash College, Wesley College and Wichita State University.

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    The Sustainable Endowments Institute just released its green report cards on the schools that have embraced the best “green” practices.As for the worst green eco offenders, the following 14 institutions received a “D-” average:

    * University of Akron
    * Brigham Young University
    * College of the Ozarks
    * Duquesne University
    * Howard University
    * Ohio Northern University
    * Quinnipiac University
    * Seton Hall University
    * University of South Alabama
    * Southern New Hampshire University
    * Virginia Military Institute
    * Wabash College
    * Wesley College
    * Wichita State University

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    State University at Albany is pretty bad. When I visited there it was very dirty and extremely ugly. The architecture is terrible and there is trash everywhere. It is all cement and has not trees whatsoever.

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    NYU in lower Manhattan is pretty dirty, considering the “campus” is spread out over New York City. 

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    Most college campuses do not have any policy to remain green. I think such universities are dirty and do not require to be mentioned.

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