What is different than a monkey and an ape?



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    No difference. Or semantic differences, depending on choice. Or tailless monkeys are apes and those with tails are not.  It is mostly semantics and popular usage.

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    Monkeys and apes are the same species the way that dogs and wolves are the same species-the genetic difference is negligible. They are both primates. However, monkeys are the slightly “less evolved” side of the species, and the way to tell a monkey from an ape is that monkeys will have tails, while apes will not. Monkeys also prefer to walk on all four of their feet because their musculo-skeletal structure is more like a quadraped, while apes are equally comfortable on two or four legs.

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      Monkeys and apes are certainly not the same species; even monkeys and monkeys are not the same species – there are over 200 different species. Dogs and wolves are indeed the same species, more or less – their relationship is vastly different from the relationship between the many apes and the many monkeys.

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      You are right, my mistake. While they still have very little in the way of genetic difference, monkeys and apes are of the same order, not the same species.

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