What is different between a buffalo and a bison?



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    Bison is the correct name of the “American Buffalo”, while true buffalo are native only to Africa (Cape Buffalo) and Asia (Water Buffalo).  Buffalo do not have a large hump like bison do.

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    Well, they’re entirely different species. Buffalo live in African areas while Bison live in North America. They have different physiques, are used for different things, and so much more! Click the link for more info!

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    Many people refer to the American Bison as a buffalo, but this is not its true common name. The scientific name for this species found in the United States and Canada is Bison bison. Buffalo, including the water buffalo and cape buffalo are found in the Old World and are different species. They do not have near as much hair as the bison (because they will in warmer areas) and they spend more time in water. The bison lives in prairie areas of North America.

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