What is different about studying environmental law as opposed to regular law?



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    Environmental law aims to reduce or limit the impact of humanity on the environment and its natural resources. Environmental lawyers aim to create new laws relating to humanity and the envoironment (including biophysical) and uphold existing laws. They may also pursue laws relating to conservation, environmental management, and environmental responsibility.

    All branches of law are specialized. Thus, a standard law degree or practice no longer exists without specialization.

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    Perhaps the most difficult and consuming part of environmental law is that is attempts to assign value to normally invaluable things. For instance, a tree is worth ‘x’ amount of dollars for the wood it has. Environmental law attempts to give it value ‘y’ based on its place in the ecosystem or its ability to convert CO2 to Oxygen. It is difficult to measure all the unquantifiable parts of the environment and assign them economic value. This is one of the main distinctions and problems with environmental law today.

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