What is different about San Francisco and Portland that make them such a green city?



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    There are many things.  

    Great Mass Transit

    Many LEED certified buildings

    Attitude of citizens (choosing to walk or ride a bike, over hopping in cars and clogging the highways, as seen in LA)

    organic grocery stores, and restaurants. 

    use and promotion of clean energy

    There are a lot of differences between them and your average city 

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    Portland has been named one of the greenest cities for years. Since the 1970s, city planners have been designing the city to be sustainable through strict land use policies, implementation of urban growth boundaries, and the requirement of specific densities. Portland also supports local farmers and farmers markets. As stated above, the city has many LEED certified buidings and has some of the most progressive and innovative bicycle infrastructure. The sourced site below has wonderful graphics and testimonies that illustrate Portland’s green innovations.

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    They also have a strong sense of community.  While both cities are doing great things to be green, there’s a philosophy behind it.  Collectively, they choose to focus on green iniatives and in order to do so, there’s a thought process behind it.  I believe they are progressive cities, thinking about tomorrow as well as today…. encouraging solutions that matter right now AND for the long term.  In doing so, they evaluate costs and values differently. 

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