What is different about the new EPA smog limits?



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    In a word, they are stricter. Toward the end of the Bush administration, states were allowed to have a grown-level ozone concentration of 75 parts per billion. Under this limit, the amount allowed would be 60 to 70 ppb. This would put many countries in violation of EPA limits, including California, most of which has yet to meet with 1997 regulations! It’s certain to meet with some opposition, but the EPA estimates that if a 65 ppb limit was actually followed, it would save 1,700 to 5,100 premature deaths nationwide.

    It also requires some areas of the country to take further measures to reduce air pollution. States will have to crack down and better regulate all forms of air pollution, from power plants to vehicles to consumer products like aerosol cans. In some cases, this gives the state the power it needs to get certain industries under control. All the specifics of the smog limits have not been ironed out yet.

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