What is the difference in fuel economy between more expensive gas stations and bargain stations, if the fuel sold by each has the same octane rating?



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    i do not know

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    Frequently (but not always) the gasoline sold by brand name stations is actually identical to the gasoline sold by bargain stations and convenience stores. Even though Citgo refines its own oil (in US refineries, from Venezuelan oil), it sells more than it can refine so it must purchase products from large refiners like Valero. The convenience store on the corner likely purchased gasoline from the same source.

    So, often enough, there is no difference at all between the gasoline at various stations, at least for many stations in the same area.

    Sometimes, branded stations owned by the company (for example, Chevron; no Exxon stations are actually owned by Exxon any more) sell gasoline containing particular additives that the company may use in its marketing and promotion. This is much less common than it once was.

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