What is the difference between single pane windows and double pane windows?



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    Over the past 20 years, windows have become increasingly more sophisticated, using new materials with more energy-efficient properties.

    Single-pane glass has been replaced by double, triple and even quadruple panes, with insulating materials separating the layers. Inert gasses have been pumped between the panes, adding to the window’s insulating properties. Even the glass itself has been coated to reflect heat.

    These innovations mean that windows can significantly contribute to a home’s comfort and energy efficiency. By letting in sunlight, they provide warmth in winter, which will save energy and lower monthly heating bills. Proper design and the use of exterior shading can also lower cooling costs in the summer.

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    I wouldn’t exactly say that single panes have been replaced by double panes. Double panes have their drawbacks as well. When the insulated gas units go bad, fogging occurs. According to many window replacement contractors who install the windows, it’s only a matter of when and not if the panes do go bad. Most recommend laminate glass with Low-E coatings to do the same job.

    The major difference between the two pane types is that double paned are made up of two panes with gas inserted between to two in order insulate the glass.

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