What is the difference between wheat and white bread?



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    Wheat bread and white bread are both made from wheat berries. The three parts of wheat berries used to make bread products are the bran, the germ, and the endosperm. Wheat bread uses all three parts, which is why it is nutritionally superior. White bread uses the endosperm only. In addition, the white flour is bleached, which gives the white bread product a longer shelf life.

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    Because wheat bread is made of all three parts, it is by far more nutritious than white bread, mainly due to differences in levels of fiber. By making the switch from white bread to whole wheat bread, you can lower your risk of heart diseases by 20%. Even white breads labeled “enriched” are lacking the same nutrients as wheat bread. Experts say that you need to consume 8 pieces of white bread to equal the amount of fiber you can get out of one piece of wheat bread.

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