What is the difference between a wasp and a bee?



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    The difference between a wasp and a bee is that wasps are attracted to food more so than flowers. On the other hand, bees love to be near flowers; they are more of the pollen type insects. Bees are more hairy and has a thicker body. They also have flat legs for gathering pollen. Wasps are more slender with a smooth body. Thy have thin yellow legs. Bees were rasied to suck nectar from the flower & wasps are more of the predator type. Wasps feed on nectar, pollen, insects, arthropods, flies and baby caterpillars. Their bodies are made for hunting. Hope this helps!

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    Bees and wasps look very similar becasue they are small, black and yellow flying insects. Here are some ways you can tell them apart. Bees have hairy bodies to help them collect pollen. Wasps have minimal hairs because they do not primarily gather pollen. They mostly eat insects and spiders. Bees are more plump, whereas wasps are longer and look skinnier. Finally, bees lose their stinger after they sting someone, while wasps can sting repeatedly. 


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