What is the difference between a wasp and a bee?



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    According to Urban Bees.com, “Bees are interested almost exclusively in pollen and nectar from your plants. Wasps, in contrast, are mostly predatory and visit your garden searching for small prey items like caterpillars. Occasionally, small slender wasps can be observed taking nectar from selected flowers. In almost every case, these are beneficial wasps looking for a drink of nectar. They have no interest in the pollen. In fact, they don’t have body parts adapted for pollen transport as do bees.” Bees also are much hairier than wasps and slightly less agressive. Both can sting. For other differentiating characteristics visit: http://animals.howstuffworks.com/insects/bee-vs-wasp1.htm

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    There are several physical and behavioral characteristics between wasps and bees. The stinger on a honeybee for example is pulled from a bee’s abdomen after it stings something, and then the bee dies. On most wasp species, they have small barbs as stingers that may or may not be removed from the victim. Bees usually have a rounder body, and appear to be hairier while wasps on the other hand are usually slender and smooth. Bees primarily feed on pollen and nectar while wasps are predators or parasites of other insects.

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    Most species of bees produce honey but wasps do not.

     Even though both sting but bees die after stinging.

    Bees swarm when the colony becomes overpopulated but wasps do not exhibit swarming.

    There are notable castes in bees but no castes are found in wasps.

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