What is the difference between a tapeworm and a ring worm?



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    A ringworm and a tapeworm are both parasitic agents key difference between is that ringworms focus on causing infection on the skin. On the otherhand, tapeworms cause infection in our body – especially the digestive tract.

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    Though tapeworm and ringworm are related in the way that they both cause infections, they differ in form and effectiveness.

    A tapeworm infection, usually acquired through the consumption of raw, undercooked, or contaminated meat, forms in the intestines. If infected, humans typically do not display any noticeable symptoms. Tapeworms can grow up to 30 feet in length. This infection is typically treated with medication.

    Contrarily, ringworm is not actually a worm, but a type of fungus that infects the skin. Ringworm occurs when tinea, a fungus, grows and multiplies on the skin. It thrives in warm, moist places and is spread through physical contact. If infected with ringworm, a person will usually acquire a rash in the form of a red, itchy, raised, and scaly patch. Ringworm can be treated with creams.

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