What is the difference between table salt and kosher salt?



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    Regular table salt is milled to give the crystals a refined, uniform look. Kosher salt is much less refined and has a different look, texture and taste. Some recipes may call specifically for kosher salt because it behaves differently in cooking than does table salt. Kosher salt is often used to cure foods because it absorbs liquid well.

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    Table salt is finely ground.  It is a generic, all-purpose type salt.  Kosher salt is closer to sea salt, which is coarser.  However, kosher salt differs in that it was manufactured in accordance to Jewish law.  It is also delicious in many different types of dishes, which is why it is called for specifically for certain recipes.

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    One of the main differences between table salt and kosher salt is the texture. The texture of table salt is fine, and it dissolves easily, and with kosher salt it is larger, more irregular, and crunchy. Another difference between the two is the source and processing of the salts. Table salt comes from underground salt deposits and calcium silicate is added to prevent caking. Kosher salt can come from either salt deposits or the ocean (like sea salt), and has no preservatives added. 

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