What is the difference between a sun and a moon?



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    The sun is a star and is in the center of our solar system and the planets in our solar system orbit it. It is composed mainly of helium and hydrogen. The moon is an astronomical object which orbits us. It is many many times smaller than the sun, much closer, and is not a star.

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    One difference is that the moon is not a source of light, but instead reflects the suns light. The sun is a source of light. 

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    The biggest difference between a sun and a moon is that a moon does not generate energy in its core. A moon could very well be a large mass of rock gliding through space, trapped in the orbit of a planet (which also generates energy in its core), and then made spherical by constantly circling the planet. A sun, on the other hand, is like a living entity, creating light and energy within itself through the balance of pressure and heat in its core. It attracts smaller objects to its orbit.

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