what is the difference between a sheep, goat and lamb?



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    A lamb is a baby sheep, so there is no difference between those two. 

    In terms of the difference between a sheep and a goat, they many have many similarities, but scientifically they are classified differently. They have a different number of chromosomes, which means that both are a distinct and different species and genus. Sheep and goats sometimes mate, but their offspring is rare and normally laboratory created in the form of chimeras.

    The main physical differences that you can see between a goat and a sheep are that a goats tail sticks up (unless it is scared or in danger) whereas a sheep’s tail hangs down. Goats also do not normally have a coat that requires sheering as sheep do. Sheep have a divided upper lip, whereas goats do not. Male goats have glands beneath their tail which give off their scent for mating, whereas sheep have these glands in their faces and between their toes.

    Goats and sheep also eat differently. Goats tend to go for twigs, branches and leaves because they are more agile and therefore able to forage for this kind of food. Sheep on the other hand stick to grazing for grass and food that is easily found and eaten at ground level.

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