What difference between seo and smo

Give answer in detail.



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    Search engine optimization (SEO) centers on getting a website indexed by search engines, doing so by predicting what kinds of search terms people might use and tailoring the website content to reflect that. It’s the more traditional method of generating traffic.

    Social media optimization (SMO) focuses on using social media outlets to get traffic to a website. It is basically word-of-mouth through the internet; SMO requires building a network across a variety of social media in order to generate traffic to a website. For example, a website might start a fan page on Facebook that will get the word out about its existence, or it could also post on a blog and attract visitors that way.

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    SEO is the Short form of Search Engine Optimization as we all know.The structure and content of a website to improve the Page rank in Search Engines

    SMO to get the traffic from Social media like bookmarking

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