What is the difference between regular landscaping and eco friendly landscaping?



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    Regular landscaping does not accomodate for any environmental impact it may have on our environment.  The use of gas-powered leaf blowers, and gas-powered lawn mowers suck up energy, as well as gas which are not beneficial to the environment.  Additionally, watering your lawn also uses a lot of drinkable water which is wasteful, especially in the summer months.  I would invest in a push-powered lawn mower, as well as a rain barrel which catches rain water in order to be used for watering later.  These can either be bought, or you can even build them yourself to save money – it can also make for a fun project.  Take a look at the links below for some ideas.

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    Regular landscaping uses mechanical equipment extensively, fertilizers and pesticides frequently, and generates significant amounts of solid waste.

    Environmentally-friendly landscaping aims to protect exsting natural areas, use regionally native plants, reduce the use of turf, reduce the use of pesticeds, compost and mulch on site, practice water and soil conservation, reduce the use of power landscape equipment, reduce heating/cooling needs through the use of trees, and avoid the use of exotic plant.

    For a much detailed look and tips for environmentally-friendly landscaping you can check out: http://www.epa.gov/greenkit/landscap.htm

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    Eco-landscaping has less to do with aesthetics (although still beautiful) and more to do with what can be planeted that will help the natural environment found before thrive. Regular landscaping generally enters an area and plants whatever they believe will lead to some more attention regardless of the removal of indigenous species. I think eco-landscaping is more of a delicate process.

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