What is the difference between regenerative breaking and friction breaking?



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    Regenerative braking systems work to harness some of the kinetic energy that you are trying to dissipate by stepping on the brakes.  Since energy cannot be created or destroyed (it can only shift between kinetic and potential) you can turn some of the kinetic energy from your movement into electrical energy which can be stored in a battery.  However, with friciton braking, you turn most of the kinetic energy into heat which cannot be harnessed to create an energy source for your car.

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    Regenerative breaking is used in most hybrid and electric cars and is a system used to conserve the energy that is usually lost when stopping.  When the driver applies the breaks the electric engine will reverse the direction of the car, and conserve the energy into a storage battery that can be used later.  Friction breaking is simply using friction to slow the movement of the car when the brake pads rub against the wheels.  This energy is converted into heat energy and wastes up to 30% of the car’s generated power.

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    Regenerative braking takes energy normally wasted during braking and turns it into usable energy. Friction braking is a type of automotive break that slows or stops a vehicle by converting kinetic energy into heat energy by friction. 

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