What is the difference between a pond and a lake?



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    There isn’t a standardized distinction. Neither a pond nor a lake has a current, which distinguishes them both from a stream. Most dictionaries will tell you a pond is smaller than a lake but there is no set size limit.

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    Scientifically, lakes and ponds are more appropriately defined by depth, not surface area. Lakes are deeper than ponds, deep enough that they stratify into three distinct layers of water based on temperature differences. Ponds are shallow bodies of water. A pond is sometimes characterized as being a small body of water that is shallow enough for sunlight to reach the bottom, permitting the growth of rooted plants at its deepest point. Ponds usually imply they are quite small bodies of water, generally smaller than one would require a boat to cross or where a human can walk across the entire body of water without being submerged.

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