What is the difference between plantains and bananas?



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    Good question.  We have all seen the plantains next to the bananas in the grocery store, but if you have ever tried to eat one over your cereal you may have been surprised.  Plantains are in the same family as bananas, but they have much more starch (like a potato) and much less sugar.  Plantains must be cooked before eating and they are used in Carribean as a vegetable. 

    I highly recommend trying a recipe with plantains, I was fortunate enough to be invited to taste a lasagna type casserole made by a friend from Puerto Rico and thought it was very delicious.

    Find out more about plantains and how they differ from bananas here ´╗┐http://grabemsnacks.com/what-is-a-plantain.html

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    There are a couple of differences between plantains and bananas. Plantains are longer and have thicker skins compared to bananas. Even though plantains resemble bananas, plantains may sometimes be green, yellow, and black. Bananas are green when not fully ripe and yellow when ripe. 

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    These are what plantains look like. You can usually distinguish them from bananas.


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