What is the difference between our economy now and a green economy?



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    Well there are 3 components to a Green Economy.  Being Economically profitable (obviously), but being socially bearable, and environmentally friendly.  

    Right now we do things mostly to just get rich quick with no thought of others. Which is why we have shipped so many jobs overseas, and why people keep getting laid off to simply help with costs and workloads get tougher for the workers who stay, and why we still use oil in everything in this country, So the economy right now really lacks the social and environmental aspects. 

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    Another way of thinking about this topic is the green initiatives that are currently underway to improve our environment and our economy.  The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, also known as the stimulus bill has allocated $60 million for green technology and research, development projects and clean energy. All the projects that are being invested in is what our current economy has been missing up until now, such as plug-in hybrid vehicles, zero carbon emission transporation and homes, renewable energy plants that will replace coal plants and more.  Additional information on the stimulus can be found on http://www.recovery.org

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