What is the difference between a newt and a salamander?



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    The answer to this question is surprising to say the least because apparently they are of the same family (Newts are a subspecies of Salamanders). Newts are Salamanders even though that is not entirely true viceversa of Salamanders to Newts.

    Here are a few distinguishing details of the two: Most Newts spend more of their adult lives in water.

    Breeding patterns are different; often more complex in Newts. They also have a different life cycle all together.

    A Salamander is called a “Newt” if it belongs to one of these groups. Echinotriton, Euproctus, Neurergus, Notophthalmus, Pachytriton, Paramesotriton, Pleurodeles, Taricha, Triturus, or Tylototriton.

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