What is the difference between mitosis and meiosis?



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    They are both about cell division and replication. Mitosis is when is when the nucleus of a cell divides to create 2 cells both with exact copies of the full DNA (46 chromosomes). Meiosis is when sex cells are created (Sperm and Eggs) and these new cells only contain half of the DNA. This is so when a sperm and egg combine, they each have 23 chromosomes, which together would create the 46 chromosomes necessary to create a person (the full DNA). Meiosis works by the nucleus of a cell “unzipping” the DNA and only half goes into the new cell. The link shows both processes in a flash animations. 

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    Mitosis is the process in which a cell produces two identical off spring cells.  Meiosis is the process in which two parent cells create gametes that go on to produce cells that contain half the DNA of one parent cell and half the DNA of the other parent cell.  This allows organisms to reproduce sexually.  In the process of meiosis four daughter cells are created.

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