What is the difference between mice and hamsters?



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    There are several key differences between hamsters and mice. Hamsters have bigger bodies and smaller tails than mice. Hamsters are largely unsocial creatures, while mice are more social and energetic. Hamsters are omnivores, while mice are herbivores.

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    In terms of pet ownership, hamsters are hit or miss.  Hamsters have a reputation for being biters, one which i can personally vouch for.  They seem startled when awoken and can react with a blood drawing bite when not handled just so.  That doesn’t mean you can’t get a perfectly nice hamster, or raise it with caring hands to keep from biting, but a mouse is an animal I’m not afraid to put my hand in with.  Even feeder mice tend to be more trustworthy. 

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    Mice tend to be more social trusting, while hamsters are a little wary and tend to bite humans. Mice are also more intelligent (they ran run mazes, hamsters can’t). 

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