What is the difference between mammals and non mammal animals?



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    Kingdom >>>  Phylum >>>  Subphylum >>>  Class >>> 
    Animalia Chordata Vertebrata Mammalia

    Mammals are animals, just like insects, reptiles, spiders, amphibians, slugs, fish, etc.

    Mammals are vertebrates; they have a backbone.  However, some other animals, such as fish, also have backbones.

    To be classified as a mammal, an animal must possess six traits that no other type of animals possess. They are:

    1) Females can produce milk from “mammary glands” to feed their young.  Hence, the name “mammal.”

    2) All mammals are born with hair.  Even whales and dolphins are born with a moustache!

    3) Unlike in other vertebrates, the lower jaw is one bone on either side.


    4) The mammal middle ear, and only the mammal middle ear, contains three bones. The stapes (stirrup), incus (anvil), and the malleus (hammer). Once these bones were part of the lower jaw, but during the early evolution of mammals they changed jobs and became a part of our hearing apparatus instead.

    5) In mammals, the main artery leaving the heart curves to the left to become the aortic arch. In birds, it curves to the right.  In all other vertebrates there are more than one main artery leaving the heart.

    6)  Mammals have a diaphragm, a sheet of muscle and tendon that separates the body cavity into two sections. The heart and lungs are above or before the diaphragm while the liver, kidneys, stomach, intestines, etc., are behind or below. No other type of animal has a diaphragm.

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    All I really know is that mammals-excluding the duck-billed platapus- don’t lay eggs

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