What is the difference between a lemur and a monkey?



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    Lemurs, like monkeys, are primates. They have binocular vision and grasping hands just as monkeys do. Unlike most other primates though, lemurs have wet, very sensitive noses similar to dogs. Lemurs have long furry tails that they use for balance when jumping between trees but, unlike many monkeys can not use it to grasp branches and hang. Lemurs only live on the island of Madagascar as where monkeys live all over the world. Lemurs resemble humans much less than monkeys do and are more closely related to primitive primates that lived millions of years ago. While they are similar in appearance, monkeys and lemurs have many differences. 

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    Lemurs and monkeys are both primates. Primates include 300 species of monkeys, apes, prosimians, and humans. Prosimians are “premonkeys” and include lemurs. They do not have prehensile tails, which can grab things. They have moist noses and use their sense of smell to discern safe food and identify members of the group.  Monkeys include howler monkeys, baboons, and marmosets. 

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