What is the difference between a Kodiak bear and a Grizzly bear?



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    The Big Kodiak Brown Bears are found only on Kodiak Island. There is no difference between the “Kodiak” and any other Brown or Grizzly bear, except for their location. The Kodiak Brown Bear has an excellent habitat and abundant food with little competition. This leads to its bigger size, and the Brown Bears on Kodiak Island are known for their massive world record size.

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    Kodiak bears are larger than Grizzly Bears (Kodiak is the largest brown bear subspecies, in fact) and have a much smaller range–the southern tip of Alaska for the Kodiak vs all of western Canada for the grizzly.

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    The Kodiak bear is the largest brown bear in Alaska and the largest terrestrial carnivore. They weigh 680 kilograms. Some are grayish, others very dark, others of brown clearly drawing on the yellow.

    The grizzly bear roams the North American continent and has been around for a million years. Their size depends on where they live; if they live up north they can weigh as much as 680 kilograms and if they live in the south they can weigh between 80-200 kilograms. Grizzlies on the white-grey speckled upper skin, which particularly animals in the Rocky Mountains exhibit, from yellow-brown to dark-brown or nearly black colored. The color depends particularly on the habitat and what they eat. Grizzle bears are also great climbers!

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