What is the difference between Iraq and Iran?



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    Besides topographies and governmental systems, Iraq is the historic home of the ancient societies of Sumer and Mesopotamia, located between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Iran is just north of Saudi Arabia and is the former home of the Ottoman Empire. Iraq is only about 60% Shia muslim, while Iran is about 89% Shia muslim. Both countries are predominantly muslim. Iraqis are Arab in ethnicity, while Iranians are Persian. They also speak different languages, Arabic in Iraq and Farsi in Iran. Iran is an Islamic republic, and is governed by a religious leader called the Ayatollah. Iraq is a democratic republic, by our own doing. Overall they are very different countries.

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    They are two completely different countries, for one, but they neighbor one another. Iran has a religious, Islamic government and Iraq has for a long time had a secular, non-religious government. Both have a history of political tension with the US, and while Iraq is now occupied by US forces, we have not (yet) invaded Iran, although international tension regarding Iran’s nuclear program make yet make that a possibility.

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