What is the difference between honeybees and bumblebees?



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    Bumblebees are the big fuzzy ones, with round bodies while honeybees are built smaller with narrow bodies.

    This is a picture of a bumblebee: http://homepage.mac.com/eceisner/Insects/Bees_and_Wasps/bumblebee.jpg

    And this is a picture of a honeybee: http://hiapfarm.googlepages.com/honeybee.jpg/honeybee-full.jpg

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    One main difference between honeybees and bumblebees is the amount of honey produced. Honeybees live in hives that produce large amounts of honey, while bumblebees live in hives only during the warm season and store a small amount of nectar as honey. Bumblebees also tend to be less aggressive than honeybees and do not lost their sting and die like a honeybee will. Honeybees live in large hives and can swarm while bumblebees live in small nests and don’t usually approach humans. Bumblebee body type is also more rounded and furry and is more slow moving than the wasp-shaped and quick honeybee.

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