What is the difference between a goose and a duck?



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    Ducks and geese share many similarities, which is confusing and sometimes you can not tell a duck and a goose apart based on appearance alone. Both are waterfowl, are often found in water, and both like to get their food wet.  

    The differences are in their biological behaviors. For instance, ducks like to eat slugs, snails, and insects, while geese prefer grains and grasses. This is noted in their use by humans–ducks are used to control ticks, geese are used to control weeds. Ducks also usually have smellier droppings than geese, who have softer under-feathers. The main difference is that in general geese are larger than ducks and have a longer neck. One reason geese might be larger is that they migrate further than ducks generally do. Geese are also more aggressive, as they are known to challenge humans and can be kept as guards. Ducks are more colorful than geese in general and male and female ducks tend to have different colors, while female and male geese sometimes look the same. 

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    The difference between geese and ducks, although both cute, are geese are bigger than ducks. Geese are bigger than ducks but smaller than swans. They are both from the Anatidae family but have obvious and not so obvious differences. Geese have an elongated necks while ducks have short necks. A male duck is called a drake and a baby duck is called a duckling. Geese, on the other hand, males are called gander and babies are called goslings. Ducks can be more colorful than geese ranging from, brow, black, grey, red, green, orange, yellow while geese have a three color wheel chart.

    I use to go to the park a lot and I notice ducks very much act differently from geese and vise-versa. Ducks are more scared of humans. They tend to crowd around me if I have food and duck food to feed them with. Geese are territorial. Sometimes even if I have duck/geese food for them they would still attack. I noticed that as soon as I get near them they start doing their calls and usually attack with their head low aiming at your body.

    Also, while the ducks ran away from my pomerarian, the geese simply attacked. Geese were once used as “guard dogs” because they are very territorial and confrontational and ducks are not. I also noticed that geese traveled in packs even at the park while ducks were more independent and not seen in groups as much. I have seen geese attack ducks while ducks simply gave in and walked away. Geese are incredibly more confrontational than ducks.

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