What is the difference between going green and being sustainable?



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    To me, “going green” means putting effort into trying to reach being sustainable. We cannot be sustainable in anything with the way things are now, so going green is as much as we can attempt right now. It will involve taking the small steps that can add up to a larger plan.

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    These ideas will have some of the same characteristics but can mean very different things. 

    “Going Green” is typically referring to a lifestyle change where harmful things for the environment are cut out (sometimes partially, sometimes completely) of ones day to day activities. This usually consists of driving alternative fuel vehicles, bringing your own bags to the grocery store, buying local food, using CFL bulbs, etc. 

    Sustainability is a little different. Someone who decides to live a fully sustainable lifestyle would be one that grows their own food, produces all of their own necessities, composts all their waste, raises their own livestock etc. The concept of a sustainability refers to the future of a practice. If something being done is sustainable, it is useful not just for a time, but for the future as well. Having a completely sustainable lifestyle means you have the ability to endure life without the need of grocery stores, power plants, sewer systems etc.   

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