What is the difference between a giant squid and a colossal squid?



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    The colossal squid and the giant squid are members of two different families within the order Oegopsina (Greek for open-eyed [squid]).  The giant squid is a common name for all species within the genus arhciteuthidae (greek for “prime squid”).  it is in the architeuthidae family as well.  The colossal squid is the name for all species (actually only one species) within the genus Mesonychoteuthis (Greek for middle-claw squid). It is in the cranchii–or glass-squid–family.  To summarize:  Oegopsina–>architeuthidae–architeuthidae–Giant Squid.  VS. Oegopsina–>cranchii–>mesonchoteuthis–>collosal squid.


    Phenotypically, the main difference between the giant squid and the colossal squid is that the colossal squid has sharp, three-pronged hooks on its tentacles, whereas the giant suid has small teeth on the suckers of its tentacles but no hooks.

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