What is the difference between fur and hair?



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    Fur and hair are actually the same thing, they are just used to distinguish people from animals. Although an animal’s hair can be much thicker and made up of multiple layers, they are all never the less, hair. Fur usually refers to an animal’s entire coat of hairs or a large patch rather than individual strands, which are still identified as hairs.

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    Contrary to popular belief, hair and fur are in fact the same thing. They are both composed of keratin, and seem to serve the same purposes in all species. Hair and fur provides insulation, protection, and can carry different scents depending on species type. It seems that the only difference is human created-the way we use and distinguish between the two terms. Typically, most people use fur to refer to animals and hair to refer to humans, but they can be, and sometimes are, used interchangeably.

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