What is the difference between explicit and implicit memory?



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    Implicit memory comprises everything you remember, or remember how to do, without needing to think about it. This would include brushing your teeth or singing a song you’ve memorized a long time ago. Implicit memory is typically left undamaged even if a person is drunk or has a brain injury. Explicit memory requires conscious thought and/or higher brain processes to remember, like naming the current president or recalling things you did two years ago.

    Another example: Let’s say a man knows how to read mirror-reversed writing–he learned how to do it long ago. We get him drunk, then give him a series of words written in reverse. He will still be able to read them with no difficulty, because his ability is implicit. But then we take the words away and ask him to list them back to us. He will have more trouble with this task, because his explicit memory is impaired.

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