what is the difference between dolphins and porpoises?



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    Dolphins tend to have longer beaks than porpoises.  Porpoises have spade shaped teeth whereas dolphins have conical shaped teeth.  Dolphins will have larger and more upright dorsal fins than porpoises.  Porpoises are usually very small in comparison to dolphin species.  Porpoises live very fast, short lives breeding and dying at much younger ages than dolphins.  Porpoise are also more solitary than most dolphin species.

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    Here are some differences:

    • Dolphins are found throughout the northern and southern latitudes of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans and interact with humans.
    • Porpoises live in coastal areas in the northern latitudes around the perimeters of North America, Canada, Europe, and Japan and are more shy. 

    Click the link for more differences. 

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