what is the difference between crocidiles and an alligator?



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    Alligators have wide, rounded snouts, and crocodiles have more v-shaped snouts. Alligators’ fourth tooth is covered when their mouths are closed, whereas you can see a crocodile’s fourth tooth when its mouth is closed. Crocodiles have glands in their tounges that allow them to get rid of excess salt, so they can live in saltwater habitats. Alligators have the same gland, but it doesn’t work as well, so they have a tendancy to live in freshwater habitats.

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    Here are some differences:

    • Alligators and crocodiles come from different families 
    • Alligators have a wide u shaped rounded snout while crocodiles have a longer more pointed V shaped noses.
    • In alligators the teeth of the lower jaw are almost hidden when the mouth is closed, whereas with crocodiles, the upper teeth interlock with the lower teeth

    check the link for more information.

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