What is the difference between cotton paper and wood paper?



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    Cotton paper is the superior material. It doesn’t have to be chemically treated and it is much more durable than wood paper. Cotton paper is also known as rag paper.

    Paper made from wood fibres is chemically separated, bleached and then pressed into sheets. Cotton paper can be stored for centuries without becoming discolored or noticeably worn. Wood paper can only last for a few years before crumbling and becoming visibly yellow.

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    Cotton paper also has some environmental benefits, as it is sometimes made from post consumer and recovered materials. For example, one paper company, Southworth, uses only cotton linters in their paper making process. Cotton linters are those short fibers not used in the textile industry that are otherwise discarded as waste. So not only does this reduce waste, but it limits the extra production that using other fibers would require.

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