What is the difference between corn and canola biofuel?



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    Corn is more of a starchy/sugary plant and is used to make bioethanols by fermentation.  Canola is an oil seed and can be used to make biodiesel.  You would need to have a flex fuel car to use bioethanols (one that is marked that it can take E85) and a diesel engine for biodiesels. 

    An interesting comparison of the output in gallons of fuel is found here http://www.fapri.missouri.edu/outreach/publications/2006/biofuelconversions.pdf where they estimate that in 2012 one acre of corn should produce 439 gallons of ethanol while one acre of canola should produce 77 gallons of biodiesel. 

    I was not able to find any direct statement of the relative energy output of the two but did find a site stating that the Net Energy Balance (NEB, a measure of the relative output gained due to growing, harvesting and converting the plant to fuel) is higher for certian biodiesel plants like soy beans, but is currently lower for bioethanols made from corn or other cellulosic plants.

    There is much more discussion here http://www.ecoworld.com/energy-fuels/bioethanol-vs-biodiesel.html

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